The Zodiac Legacy: Convergence

"An action-packed, wonderfully diverse take on superheroes in the 21st century – and in the Chinese Zodiac pantheon." -The Book Smugglers

This series changed my life. Working with Stan was an honor and a pleasure, and Andie's illustrations really punched the whole thing up. Kids come up to me at conventions with these books all the time, sometimes looking for the one volume they've missed. The kids were really fun to write, too—a multicultural, international team in the classic young-superhero tradition.

Official Copy: Stan Lee presents a brand new, magical, super-powered adventure! When twelve magical superpowers are unleashed on the world, a Chinese-America teenager named Steven will be thrown into the middle of an epic global chase. He’ll have to master strange powers, outrun super-powered mercenaries, and unlock the mysterious powers of the Zodiac.

"Give this to superhero enthusiasts and fans of adventure stories; it will fly off the shelves." -School Library Journal

"It’s a new take on superheroes without the masks and capes and is written in a way that will have you eager for the next installment in the series." -Chapter by Chapter

"This book is full of adventure. The authors create amazing descriptions and it makes you feel like you are right there beside them." -Newsday