TARGET: KREE - A Marvel Movie in Prose Form!

Jul 15, 2021

Getting a great response to this new book:

"A novel that offers plenty of comic book fisticuffs on a large scale, with the destruction to match, but also a novel that offer up some sobering and relevant social commentary too....And a great summer read." —

"If you love superheroes getting in fights with each other, if you like big team ups against powerful foes, if you like stories where the stakes are the entire planet, and if you're a fan of comics this is the kind of novel that will appeal to you... A ton of fun that every geek is sure to love." —Trans-Scribe

"Overall, while there’s fast-paced action pretty much everywhere you turn, the mixture of characters, the time Moore takes to flesh them out, and the deeper, thought-provoking questions posed along the way all provide a nice balance to the general sense of relatively light-hearted the end this really does feel like a bold, brightly-coloured superhero movie…which is a lot of fun!" —Track of Words

A big, bold Marvel movie: that's exactly what I was going for. You can read the first four chapters for free, right here.