Writer/Editor Stuart Moore recommends DOOM PATROL #53 / AVENGERS #178

May 28, 2020
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All throughout April and May, we’re crowdsourcing a coronavirus quarantine comics reading list. Each weekday for a month, we’ll post a new recommendation from someone in the comics industry to help folks get through the isolation. This includes writers, artists, letterers, editors, comics journalists, publicists, and more…all paired with a local shop that’s currently selling the books via mail order.

Today’s pick comes from writer/editor Stuart Moore…enjoy!

ONE comic for a quarantine of this magnitude? I say thee NAY! A single title be not enough for this Ragnarok which doth engulf us…and so lo, I must pick TWO! Both of my choices are inspired—in very different ways—by the original Marvel titles created and pioneered by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, and refined by Roy Thomas and his many collaborators, in the early to mid 1960s. 

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