The VI EMPIRE Has Landed!

Sep 09, 2020

At long last, the VI EMPIRE has come to Earth!

Of course, I’m talking about a new comic book. But in another sense, the Vi have been on Earth for a long time. Ever since the crash of the giant ship…

…well, I don’t want to spoil the story. You can buy it exclusively from Comixology, the digital comics site. Go right here.

We’ve been working on VI EMPIRE for quite a while. It’s the brainchild of Max Akbar, who tells the behind-the-scenes story in the text page of the comic. In future issues, he’ll tell you a bit of his own story, which I found both inspiring and fascinating.

Max came to me with an appealing concept and characters, and gave me a lot of leeway to flesh them out. At the story’s heart is a reclusive war veteran and his adopted daughter, who isn’t quite human. The comic is a little bit horror, a bit sci-fi—but what I really like is that it’s an action story, a fast-moving saga about two people being chased by multiple groups with their own agendas. It’s a little more direct, a little more like a filmed thriller than anything I’ve done before. That turned out to be a hell of a lot of fun to write.

Max has pencilled part of the book himself, trading off with Val Semeiks, a talented veteran who, somehow, I’ve never managed to work with before. The two of them both managed to keep the action moving nicely while keeping the focus firmly on Jon and Nia. The first issue is inked by Kim Demulder, with whom I’m very well acquainted—his delicate lines adorned Swamp Thing for years, back when I edited that title. Nathan Eyring is an old colleague, too, and Rob Steen is a newer one—both top-drawer at what they do. I’ve never worked with David Curiel, but I've admired his work for a while too.

Bottom line: Max and his cocreator, Richard Gold, gave us all the room we needed to craft this into something special. Or I think so, anyway—but of course, I’m biased. Take a look and let us know for yourselves. The second issue will be out in just two weeks, so you won’t have to wait long for more.

Yes, the VI EMPIRE has arrived! And if you’re curious about that title: Try saying it fast. Very fast. Maybe a few times in a row….